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Why read Sherlock Holmes today?

Jan Stauber Grant Applications for 2015/2016 are now open!

The 2015 Application is available now -- the deadline is May 1, 2015. Guidelines are included with the application, which can be downloaded as a PDF or MS Word file.

Jan Stauber Grant Winners for 2014

This year Jan Stauber Grant funding was at an all-time high of $7,000. We were able to provide up to $500 to nineteen teachers and librarians to assist them in developing a teaching project to introduce more young people to Sherlock Holmes. This year we again welcomed candidates from Canada and the USA. Here are the winners for 2014:

  • Susan Amundson, Talahi Community School, St. Cloud, MN. “Introduction to Sherlock Holmes Using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)Approaches” for grade 5
  • Janet Boston, Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church, Pensacola, FL. “Sherlock Holmes and Critical Thinking” for grades 4-7 in tutoring and scouting programs
  • Amy Beckham Foster, Boone County Public Library, Union, KY. “Mystery and MAYhem” for preschool through high school
  • Timothy S. Greer, Memphis University School, Memphis, TN. “Detective Fiction and Other Courses” for grades 7-12
  • Rebekah Haithcock, Burton Magnet Elementary School, Durham, NC. “The Hound of the Baskervilles in Various Media” for preschool through grade 5
  • Joyce Horner, Literacy Volunteers of Livingston County, Inc., Leicester, NY. “An Evening of Mystery with Sherlock Holmes” for grades 4-6
  • Christine Knowles and Evan Dewdney, The New School, Kennebunk, ME. “Sherlock Holmes in the Classroom: A Cross-curricular Approach Integrating Literature and Mathematics” for grades 9-12
  • Darlene LaBrie, New Berlin Library, New Berlin, NY. “Elementary” for grades 7-8
  • Cheryl LeBlanc-Weldon, Porters Lake Elementary School, Porters Lake, NS, Canada. “Sherlock Holmes Book Club” for grades 3-4
  • Diantha Litwer, Robert Anderson College and Career Academy, Anderson, SC. “The Sherlock Holmes Literary Society” for grades 6-8
  • Barbara Swander Miller, Alexandria Junior/Senior High School, Alexandria, IN. “Sherlock Holmes Goes Steampunk” for grades 8-12
  • Brent Obillo, Olive Vista Middle School, Sylmar, CA. “The World of Sherlock Holmes” for grade 8
  • Kristal A. Petruzzi, Northwood Arts and Science Elementary School Library, Crestview, FL. “Sherlock Reading Detectives: The Science Behind Sherlock” for grades 3-5
  • Darshell Silva, Rock Hill School, East Greenwich, RI. “Sherlock Holmes Week” for pre-school through grade 12
  • Joyce Smith, Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, Colorado Springs, CO. “Sherlock Holmes in Multiple Formats: Audio, Braille, and American Sign Language” for grades 6-8
  • Rachel Sweany, Louisville Public Library, Louisville, OH. “Detective December” for ages 12-18.
  • Kimberly VanBeek, Manchester Academic Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA. “Reading Out of School Often: Sherlock Holmes” for grades K-5
  • Mary Ziegenfuss, St. Matthew’s Catholic School, Virginia Beach, VA. “Introducing Sherlock Holmes” for grades 5-8
  • What's the Official Charity of 221B Con?

    The Beacon Society, that's who! We're a 501(c)(3) organization, proud and happy to be featured at 221B Con in Atlanta, GA on April 10-12, 2015. Beacon Award winners Tim Greer (2014) and Beacon officers Marino Alvarez and Marilynne McKay will be serving on panels: look for the Book Club "Colors of Sherlock" and pick up a Beacon pin while you're there.

    Timothy S. Greer, winner of the 2014 Beacon Award

    Pictured with former Beacon Head Light Susan Diamond (left) and outgoing Awards & Grants Chair Elaine Coppola (right),  Timothy S. Greer was honored at the Beacon Annual Meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City in January 2014. He is an instructor in English and fine arts and director of theater at Memphis University School in Memphis, TN. Mr Greer teaches a Detective Fiction course to high-school seniors in order to strengthen their cognitive abilities and foster critical thinking and writing skills.

    Mr. Greer teaches that the world still needs Sherlock Holmes, a detective who seeks justice for the victim but also, and more importantly, for society. Classroom discussions range from Aristotle’s “Metaphysics” and “the insatiable human desire to know,” to recurring themes in detective fiction such as justice, revenge, obsession, the nature of truth, the rule of law and the burden of genius. students and Holmes with bloodhounds

    It’s not all theory, either: Mr. Greer’s students record their findings in field notebooks as they analyze handwriting and forgery, bite marks, gunshot residue, and even conduct manhunts using a bloodhound on campus. These activities allow them to follow in the footsteps of Doyle’s iconic character in stories such as “The Reigate Squires” and “The Sign of Four.” (Sidney Paget drawing at right from "The Missing Three-Quarter")

    Students call Greer’s Detective Fiction course one of the best classes they have ever taken and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle won the most "favorite author" votes. Typical comments: "This was my favorite class in my six years at MUS,” “Thank you so much for an unforgettable semester,” “The labs were awesome,” “Sherlock Holmes 4ever!”

    The Beacon Award consists of a certificate and, since 2011, a check for $221. The winner is announced in New York at the Annual Meeting of the Beacon Society during the Sherlock Holmes Birthday Weekend, held each January.

    We invite US and Canadian teachers, librarians, Sherlockian literary societies, and others to apply for the Beacon Society's major funding project. Applications and reports from previous winners are available on the Jan Stauber Grant page. The application deadline is typically May 1 and the grant period runs from 1 July to 30 June.

    Our Mission

    We help teachers and librarians use the literature of Sherlock Holmes to engage kids in the pleasures of reading. We're a not-for-profit scion of the Baker Street Irregulars, providing resources that bring the magic of Sherlock Holmes to life in the classroom.

    Each year, our Jan Stauber Grants help local teachers and librarians develop Sherlock Holmes teaching units in their schools. We also give Beacon Awards to people or groups who have made an outstanding contribution toward the Beacon Society’s mission.

    We provided over $7000 for grants and awards last year, but we'd love to support more programs. If you'd like to help, please make a tax-deductible donation here on our website. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Security is guaranteed by PayPal, the company that handles our online account.

    What's New

    Judith Freeman has written a helpful Manual for Starting a Sherlockian Group.

    Baker Street Irregular Sally Sugarman has compiled a READING LIST for young people who may not be quite ready for Arthur Conan Doyle or may want to explore contemporary mysteries with youthful detectives. Professor Sugarman retired from Bennington College where she taught Childhood Studies for thirty-five years. She is currently teaching Literature for Children and Popular Culture in America for Johnson State College and Community College of Vermont. We are most grateful that her love of teaching and Sherlock Holmes have come together for the Beacon Society.

    Bill Dorn won the 2012 Beacon Award, and now his 2-volume set of Study Guides to Sherlock Holmes has been converted to e-books by the publisher, BSDP! Copies are now available free of charge to members of the Beacon Society. Contact the Beacon Awards Chair, Susan Diamond, who will either confirm your membership or sign you up (membership is free). Once you're officially on board, Susan will get you in touch with the publisher, George Vanderburgh of BSDB, who will email you the (electronic) Study Guides. Thanks, George!

    A Case Study of The Red-Headed League has been developed by Professor Marino Alvarez. This ambitious project includes PDF files for Teacher and Student Guides with concept maps, visual literacy guides and thematic organizers. There's an illustrated copy of the story with questions for each section, too. Thank you, Professor Alvarez!

    We've enjoyed meeting Maria Konnikova, a writer for The New Yorker whose series "Lessons from Sherlock Holmes" appeared in Scientific American from August to November 2011. She is from New York City and received her PhD in psychology at Columbia University. Her first book, "Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes," was published by Viking/Penguin.

    The Beacon Society is now on Facebook! We have joined several other Sherlockian groups on Facebook. Drop by, "friend" us, and tell us what you'd like to see.

    In the Spotlight

    Sherlockians enjoy developing teaching materials and sharing them with others. Look through contributions from Beacon Society members and supporters.

    Past winners of the Jan Stauber Grants enjoy sharing their experiences. Guidelines and application forms are available on the Jan Stauber Grant page.

    Contemporary BBC/PBS Sherlock Holmes series

    Sherlock, a 3-episode series from the BBC, first aired in the US in October 2010 on PBS "Masterpiece Mystery." We were very pleased to find that PBS mentioned the Beacon Society in its Book and Film Club: Sherlock list of "Resources" for the first show, A Study in Pink. More episodes of Sherlock were shown on PBS in May 2012 and the next series shows in January 2014 in the US.

    Contact the Beacon Webmaster: mmckayATL@comcast.net

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